What do you think is anti-social? 


For me there are many things I call anti-social:

not being able to treat people well,

thinking that one is better than others and showing it with everything one does or says,

shafting someone just because it's "all good fun",

not being able to act like a grown-up but being childish instead,

talking behind somebody's back,

not taking someone serious but always bantering him about what he




I don't get people who are acting like that and I don't get why they're saying that homeless people e.g. are anti-social. I don't get it and actually I don't want to get it at all...


Please open your eyes, people! Think about what you are doing and reflect upon your actions. 


It's not cool to bully or treat people like they're not worth a good treatment. It's only sad and - as I've already said - anti-social. 


For those people who are acting like anti-social jerks: Please don't ever dare to use this word again as a swear word, before you recognise you are worse!




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