What I'm Doing in My Freetime


canvas, brushes, paint tubes
canvas, brushes, paint tubes

Today I bought a 50x60cm canvas and some brushes for painting. Last time I did that was in elementary school, so keep your fingers crossed for me to make this one a great painting.


Of course I will post it in here, when it's finished. :)


This is what I've done today :)


I've painted over the whole white surface to have some kind of priming paint.


When it's dry I can start with the next step, which will be to add the surfaces of the materials, including windows, stair and such things. :)


It looks completely different from what I've thought of - of course. :D:D:D But it's great.



PS: I have to fix the white colour of the wall in my room. XDDD


3D- Origami

Here's what I've started this weekend:


Look at the video and imagine a huge Toruk made of 3D-Origami. :) I'm going to add a pic of Toruk, for those who don't know him. 


I've already about 1500 folded pieces of paper in red, orange and yellow, yet. :)


Well, that might sound crazy, and, yes, you're right, it IS crazy. :D:D:D But it's also fun! ;D

Toruk, with Jake riding him :)
Toruk, with Jake riding him :)


Sunday evening my boyfriend and me had a great idea! :) We started to write a story together, which is a lot of fun and is not as difficult as writing with more than two people. 


We have started creating a world, characters and some world-related items. I've made up some alphabet with pronunciation rules as well as stressing rules and rules for making names for men and/or women. :)


Until today we have both written two times with about 3 to 4 pages handwriting each. :) It's real fun, trust me. ;)





EDIT 29-08-2012: 

I have just finished the 35th page :D:D:D In three days XDDD