Pen Pals and Postcrossing

Visit this homepage to find some new pen pals. :) You can sign up, create a profile to introduce yourself and then find pen pals or let them find you. 


You can search for people in specific countries, with age X to X, who have recently logged in and lots more! It's great there and the service is wonderful. 


There are many people who are seriously interested in friendships via letter, mail or skype.


I've found eight pen pals, who have already written to me:


California: one female


Canada: one male

                 one female


China: one female


Finland: one female


Germany: one female


Spain: one female


Switzerland: one female



--> Why don't you just try it? Click on the logo above and explore the possibilities on Pen Pal World. :)

Wow! Three new letters in my mailbox! :)


My Spanish friend Jen has written me all in Spanish, just as I asked her. :)


My Bavarian pen pal Susi has sent me nice photos from her vacation in Italy and a wonderful recipe for Muffins with cherries... <3 :)


And today my Californian friend Kat just wrote some lovely letter, just how I love them, with these funny and interesting ways of telling things. :D



So, thank you my friends! <3 I really love you. :)






New letters in my mailbox :) 


My lovely pen pal from Finland, Heta, has told me about her friends and my funny and likeable pen pal from Switzerland has made up some real deep opinionaire for me :)


Thanks, you two :)



Postcards Exchange

At this homepage you can request addresses of people who'd like to receive a postcard from you. For every address anywhere in the world, someone else will get your address and send you a postcard.


This is great for people, who haven't got enough time to have friendships via letters, but are interested in sometimes receiving mail from anywhere in the world.

And it's great when you, as I do, collect postcards. ;D


Almost every country on our Earth is participating with at least 1 member. :) It's interesting to read what people from some country, you might have never heard of before, tell you. :)


Every postcard will be registered as soon as it reaches its destination and you can even upload those that you like best. :)


Just try it once, and if this isn't interesting and great for you, you can stop it after your first try. But believe me, I've never heard of anyone, who did not like this, after trying it. :D:D:D

Today I've requested 4 more adresses to send postcards. :) I'll send them to Russia, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Nevada :)


This is soooo much fun! :) I'm excited who is going to send me postcards... :)

such a beautiful picture... <3
such a beautiful picture... <3

This is what I've got today :) 


Another postcrossing member has sent it to me :) She lives quite near this city but far enough to have kangaroos in her garden.  :)


Thank you Karin :)



Wow, such a huge lake :)
Wow, such a huge lake :)
what a beautiful place to be... <3
what a beautiful place to be... <3

This week I've got two postcards already. :)


A nice guy, who likes kayaking sent me a beautiful postcard, showing a huge lake near his home. Thank you Joe! :)


And a 14-yo French boy sent me a wonderful postcard with some rock in the sea with the sun going down in the background. :) I love it, and just how I'd love to be right there. <3 So, thank you Simon! :)


Two lovely postcards this week :)
Two lovely postcards this week :)

This week's mail! :)


A cool postcard, sent by our Karyu Plumps. My boyfriend and me could hardly understand what he wanted to tell us, and then needed a dictionary anyway. ;D;D;D

A lovely postcard from my German pen pal who spent her holidays in Italy. 



Thanks you two! :) 




4 postcards for postcrossing
4 postcards for postcrossing

Today I bought the four postcards to send them to the postcrossing members they've found for me. :)


Every postcard is well-chosen and I hope they'll like them. :)




EDIT (08-08-2012; 13:48 GMT+1): Today I've posted them. :) Let's wait and see, when they're reaching their destinations. :)

Three out of four postcards have reached their destinations within 3 weeks. :) 


Today I wrote a message to the fourth person and hope she'll write back, that she'd just forgotton to register my postcard...